Deneise is very persistent and will work very hard to get it done. —Shelia, 2/28/06

Deneise, you have been a great help to our family and we will cherish the relationship for a lifetime. —Holder, 3/23/2006

My overall impression of Deneise and her service was wonderful. She is dependable, awesome and truly cares (genuine). I did not feel that I was just a "sale" for her. I could not have asked for a more positive real estate experience. The timeless of returning phone calls to communicating, her knowledge of real estate and how she demonstrated it, the attention to my needs and desires was a high level of service. —Allen, 1/4/2007

Thanks for helping our family find our first home. You were great. We appreciate you communicating and the attention you provided to us during our search for the right home. This was a great experience for us. —Singh, 5/1/2006

Deneise provided me with a High Level of service from returning phone calls, problems handled, communication, knowledge of real estate demonstrated, attention given to special needs or desires, overall impression of her real estate business I chose to work with her because she presented herself as a trustworthy person. I found Deneise to be a person of integrity, a people person and well versed in her profession. I couldn't have been satisfied any better. All services were excellent. —Weathers, 7/3/2006

My overall impression of Deneise and her service was wonderful. She is dependable, awesome and truly cares (genuine). I did not feel that I was just a "sale" for her. I could not have asked for a more positive real estate experience. The timeless of returning phone calls to communicating, her knowledge of real estate and how she demonstrated it, the attention to my needs and desires was on a high level of service. —Harris, 9/7/2006

Deneise, I've been giving your name and number to co-workers who will be looking soon — hope you hear from them. You were prompt, thorough — gave just plain good services. You were referred to me from my Mom. I rate your level of service with high remarks. Your desire to assist people with their special needs and the care you provide throughout the entire process was a very positive real estate experience. —Steaphens, 3/5/2007

I will recommend you to friends, neighbors and other contacts. My Mom is an agent in another state and when she contacted Deneise for information she thought she was great. She was accessible, professional and friendly. The high level of service and she gave special attention to our needs and desires. —Hickey, 2/28/2007

We chose to work with Deneise because of our friendship and her superior knowledge of the housing construction industry. She is trust-worthy, detailed and CUSTOMER ADVOCATE. Overall we found Deneise to communicate very well with detail and the special attention she gave to our needs and desire was remarkable. —Rice, 4/30/2007

She was a great communicator. She was very cooperative, pleasant and knowledgeable to work with. —Hamff, 6/22/2007

Your enthusiasm & eagerness to show and sell out home was greatly appreciated. You were always accessible when we needed to contact you and you listened. We would use you again if we needed a REALTOR®. —Tiffany, 4/29/2008

We have rated our experience with you as a ten in doing such a great job for our family. You were always available when we called. You were very nice and friendly and you listened to our needs. —Sides, 5/1/2008

I would recommend you to anyone looking to sale or purchase a home. Your service and communication was great. I will use your service again if I need a REALTOR®. I was referred to her by a close friend. I needed to sell a piece of property on short notice. I explained my situation to her and she went to work. She was always available for questions or when I had concerns. She has a complete knowledge of the industry. —Wright, 5/14/2008

I thought you should know what an excellent REALTOR® you have in Deneise Fondren. Deneise recently sold my home on Riverchase Parkway after an ordeal with renters who trashed the home. We listed the house in March with Deneise and dealt with a long spring and summer of mortgage payments after the eviction process and on top of the renters not paying for several months. Deneise guided us through the process of selling a home in the worst market I have seen in my lifetime. She thought outside the box, even going to the extent of making an offer to a buyer. She enlisted the help of her husband, Alan to mow the lawn and help with repairs on the property to keep our costs down. She coached us as to how the home needed to look; she solicited feedback from other REALTOR®'s. She earned her money and then some. Although I live in Florida, I still have friends in Birmingham, and should I run into someone with real estate needs, Deneise is the first name on my list. I hope you will share this letter. —Wentworth, 8/29/2009

I luckily stumbled upon Deneise not knowing of anyone off hand. I called on her listing and she was happy to show it to me at my convenience. She then showed me other properties that best fit my needs. I am glad I found her to assist me with buying my first home. The entire experience was great. She did a wonderful job. She was thorough, fast and understanding. She was fast paced and "on the ball" which was great. I loved working with Deneise in finding my first home. I will refer her to all of my friends and family. Thanks for all of your hard work. —Stone, 7/17/2009

Deneise. We wanted to let you know how much we appreciated all of your hard work you put in to our house. All the countless house, agent open house and open house for the public and money you spent. I wish things had worked out for we really wanted you to sell this house. I pray God will bless you in the coming year. Thanks again you were such a nice lady and we enjoyed getting to know you. Keep up the good work you do. —Anthony, 12/12/2009

Deneise, my wife and I really appreciate your great professional service and your hospitality when we were in Birmingham, Unfortunately, my daughter received an unusual late admission into Yale and she is now decided to go there. Therefore, we will not be interested in a home for her at UAB anymore. Thank you. —Liu, 7/9/2009

Deneise, I wanted to thank you for being my real estate agent and working with me through so many ups and downs. I appreciate all of the hard work you put in. Thanks for being a great REALTOR® to work with. —Clayton, 3/24/2010

Deneise, We could not have asked for a better REALTOR®! You were there to push the other REALTOR® so we could even look at the property. You found us a great bank — Central State Bank was absolutely the easiest to work with and I highly recommend them! Thanks for calming me down over the closing problems we encountered. If not for you and my friend who knew all too much about closing — I would have thrown in the towel and walked away! You never once made me feel foolish for asking what I know were some dumb questions and you were just always available! I brag about you often! Deneise, you will always hold a special place in my heart for helping make our 1st commercial adventure happen! If all goes well with this property. We will add another property. We will definitely be calling you! Thanks for all you did for us and continue to do for your other clients! When we think of you three words come to mind timely, honest and awesome! —Walker, 6/5/2015

We were connected to Deneise through our relocation company. Deneise was great! I felt she had my back! She is trustworthy. She does a great job taking notes on homes — priceless extra! She was loyal hardworking and very efficient. —Kidd, 7/16/2010

We met Deneise when we relocated to Birmingham from Knoxville. We had a wonderful relationship from the start! Deneise is the REALTOR® that you want! She took care of us from beginning to end. The thing that helped us the most by having her as our REALTOR® is that she saw the little things that we did not notice, good and bad. She has so many contacts within the city that when a problem arose during home inspection or closing, she knew just who to call. We would recommend Deneise Fondren to everyone! When relocating to Birmingham we were drawn to many areas that we loved. Deneise helped us find the house that was perfect for our family needs. Not only did she lead us to the home we fell in love with, but she put in hours of behind the scene research making sure that is was a wise investment. Deneise made our relocation to Birmingham an easy experience. Not only do we have a REALTOR® but our family has a friend. —Crawford, 1/25/2011

I met Deneise by making a random call and I was very lucky. She was outstanding, her attention she gave to me and my home and the service she offered was a great experience. —Hall, 12/5/2010

Deneise is the most considerate and thorough agent I've worked with. She goes far beyond what one would expect of a Real Estate agent. Her knowledge of the entire area is vast and she is prepared for any situation that may arise. I highly recommend Deneise. —Fondren, 12/3/2010

My parents recommended Deneise to me and she was very attentive, responsive and friendly. Her knowledge of real estate and the attention she gave to my needs were exceptional. —Devine, 1/15/2011

After we met I knew she was totally invested in helping me find the right home. She was very professional, friendly and timely. My overall experience was rated high because of the her timeliness of returning phone calls, communications, knowledge of real estate she demonstrates, and attention to all of my needs. I would highly recommend her as a great agent. —Macclaughtley, 3/25/2011

Deneise provided us with a very positive experience. She was prompt, detailed, and excellent follow up. I am an inactive REALTOR® now, licensed for 22 years. Deneise is the kind of REALTOR® that truly represents professionalism and she's so doggone cute! &mdsh;Alliston, 4/25/2011

Thanks Deneise for helping us find a renter for our home. You're the best! Thanks for your help & prayers in all of this. —Jones, 6/25/2011

Deneise is an awesome agent. She is pro-active as a buyer and seller's agent. She goes above and beyond the call of duty. I have recommended her to friends as one of the best agents. I have had the pleasure of working with her in the last year. She "follows through" with each of her clients without being asked. Her marketing approach is well planned and she's able to foresee each of her clients needs. —Brown, 6/20/2011

I have known Deneise for 4 years and have worked with several of her clients. They always have great things to say about her as a real estate agent. I have been equally impressed with her tireless work ethic and always putting her clients' needs. If you are looking for professionalism and friendliness, she has it all. —Chase, 6/21/2011

Deneise was always available and easy to reach. She exceeded my expectations with her helpful advice and dedication. I would say that Deneise has high energy and will work hard to get your home sold. —Yates, 7/1/2011

My husband and I met Deneise when our agent changed offices. At our first meeting with her, we felt right at home with her. She was very easy to talk with and she understood our needs to sail my Father's home. Deneise was always kind enough to answer any text message I sent as soon as she received them. After Deneise took over the listing, the traffic improved and she sold the house. We would recommend her to our friends, saying that she is energetic, knowledgeable and a go-getter. Not to mention very personable and kind. —Baker, 5/20/2011

Honest, Integrity and Hard Working—that is how you describe Deneise. —Whitten, 5/2/2011

Deneise helped us find our home and relocate to Birmingham. She will do whatever it takes. She is an excellent agent. —Repici, 9/19/2011

I wanted to thank you for your assistance in arranging the showings of the houses for our daughter and son-in-law and providing great information. Thanks for finding their family a home that fit their needs. You were very responsive and I am sure that you have a great career as a real estate agent. I am very pleased that my daughter and grand kids have such a great house. You helped to make it possible. I have no plans to be in the market for an agent at this time, but would certainly consider you from my agent if that ever occurs. —Kimbrell, 8/21/2011

Deneise was referred to me by a friend. My transaction was handled in a very professional manner. Her knowledge, communication and the attention she gives to her clients is an overall impression of her real estate business. —Lewellyn, 12/10/2011

The personal touch Deneise provides to her clients and the attention to their needs set her above the rest. I thought the service provided was above PAR!!! I think she is the best agent and we will use her service again. —Fischer, 4/30/2012

Deneise was patient, attentive and very service-oriented. She communicated with me throughout the process. Her knowledge she demonstrated was wonderful. She gave special attention to my needs and desires. —McBrayer, 8/24/2012

Deneise seemed to know what we were looking for and shared same values. She was interested in our happiness and not just selling a house. She was very caring, timely and courteous. She left us with a good impression of how she conducts her real estate business. —Stockman, 8/15/2012

Deneise was with us throughout the process. She wrote an offer from the seller to the buyer. I was very impressed with how she conducted business. Her knowledge, communication, timeliness and she remained staying in touch with us after the sale. I now have a new best friend. —Weygand, 6/28/2012

Deneise was very patient, she understood our needs and was not pushy. She provided attention to our needs and desires and searched until we found the right home for our family. She communicated with us from start to finish. We have built a relationship with Deneise for many years to come. —Judd, 8/12/2012

Deneise was very professional, knowledgeable and personable. She was a very good agent. She helped us find the home we now live in. She listened to our needs and worked hard to find the right home. She also sold a home for us. Deneise was very persistent in finding the right buyer. It did not take her long. We will use her again. She was an awesome agent! —Martin, 8/25/2012

Deneise sold my house several years ago when I moved out of state. With the positive experience she provided and they way of communicating we wanted her to be our agent in finding our new home. She listened to the needs and she took my wife out looking at homes that met our criteria. Deneise took my wife and myself back out to look at the ones they had narrowed down. She knew the one that we would buy. It had everything we had asked for. It felt like home and we bought the home. It was new construction and loved the home. She listens, stays connected and is involved throughout the entire process. What a wonderful experience. —Hall, 7/26/2012

Deneise; Words cannot express how grateful we were. You really did a good job! Very professional! She stands out like a diamond in her industry. Unique agent who takes time and cares for her clients, she will work tirelessly to find the right home. We will refer her business and she is our agent. —Ponder, 8/15/2012

Deneise sold our home in three days in Riverchase. I had received a card in the mail from her and gave her a call. She was very helpful, positive and knowledgeable. Her communication and attention to our needs can't be beat. She was also our agent on purchasing a new home. Her knowledge of the industry and encouragement she provides left us with a wonderful experience. She searched and found us the right home. We are life-long friends and have built a strong bonding relationship. —Cagle, 8/20/2012

Deneise was referred to me by a business client. Her service she provided was excellent. She was helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. She communicated and marketed my home and got in sold. She left me with a great experience with her overall impression of her real estate business. —Mahan, 8/22/2012

Deneise was the third agent we had on listing our home. She was by far the best. She marketed our home and had showings right from the beginning. She worked diligently throughout the process. She communicated and we had a clear understanding. We moved out of state and she was someone that we trusted and provided us with a wonderful experience in selling our home. —Medwid, 8/25/2012

Our family recommended Deneise. I had always heard great things about her. It was our first home and the whole experience was positive. She spent time with us listening to our needs. She showed us homes that meet our criteria and we found our first home with Deneise. Her knowledge of the construction industry provided us with a secure feeling when we looked at homes. We will use her on every home we buy or sell. —Luker, 10/10/2012

A friend recommended Deneise to us. She did an excellent job! She was a great agent. She told us things to do to get our home ready and continued to communicate with us. She ended up selling our home herself. Her knowledge of construction and her past experience help to sell our home. She is an agent that I will use again. —Weaver, 1/15/2013

We met Deneise when we called on a listing she had. Her professionalism and positive "can do" attitude, when showing us this home, was why we decided to work with her. We sold her home "for sale by owner." I wished we had known Deneise we would have used her. She followed through and was knowledgeable and very fair when she worked as a limited consensual dual agent. I think Deneise is such a valuable real estate professional and would use her again. Thanks for your assistance, homebuyer education, knowledge and decorating ideas. Thanks from the bottom of our heats. We will tell anyone to engage your services. —Barrocas, 1/9/2013

Deneise was referred to me by another business contact. She was very attentive to me and the search for the right home. I had a great experience with my real estate purchase by using Deneise as my agent. —Sizemore, 4/29/2013

Deneise was recommended to us. We had a great experience in selling our home. She was prompt, kind and knowledgeable. She was persistent in marketing our home. She worked throughout the entire process and communicated to us. We were also looking to purchase a new home and she was our agent. She spent time with us listening to our needs and worked through the timing of both transactions so that we were in our home right away. She worked hard and was so giving of her time. She went above and beyond the call of duty. We are so grateful to have had her expertise and mostly concern for our family. —Hewitt, 4/29/2013

Deneise mailed out a marketing postcard. We called her to list our home. She assured us that she would sell our home. We had our home on the market for almost three years before and had never had such a wonderful experience. She communicated all of the showings and feedback to us. She was honest, dependable and funny. She assisted us in finding our new home. She knew what we wanted in a home was and went right to work. We found our home quickly and she made the whole process a positive experience. We will always use Deneise as our agent. She is now a long-time friend. —Thomas, 4/29/2013

I used Deneise because of her great service with the sell and purchase of my parent's home. She is dependable, accommodating and trustworthy. She did a great job in selling my home. She sold it in less than a week. Deneise was my agent in purchasing my home. She continued to search and worked countless hours to find the right home for me. She had her eye on the market and as soon or before a home was active she had me in the door viewing the home. She knocked on doors mailed out letters until we found the right home. We had a great experience. —Travis, 4/29/2013

I was relocating to Birmingham and Deneise was my agent. She was excellent, thoughtful and enthusiastic. My experience was a very positive experience! —Hanners, 4/29/2013

Deneise was a very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly agent. We really appreciate all that she did for us. She is an agent that listens and will work hard for you. —Roberts, 7/2/2013

Deneise was our agent when we relocated to Birmingham. She is a dedicated agent and her communication skills and knowledge along with her attention to our needs help find our home. She did a great job for us. —Mason, 7/2/2013

Deneise found a great renter for our home and we appreciate all of her help! —Alliston, 7/8/2013

Deneise represented us in buying our home for the second time. I wanted to tell you what a consummate professional she is and always has been. I've known Deneise since our children were toddlers, and she sold our last home in 2007. She is the most organized, dependable and knowledgeable agent I've ever dealt with in the last 25+ years of buying and selling real estate. Her extensive background in the construction industry gives her a distinct advantage over other agents, and allows her to function in a dual capacity — as an agent and an excellent source for referrals, recommendations, suggested repairs, etc.

This particular real estate transaction was extremely challenging due to the confrontational attitude of the other people involved, but Deneise handled it in a professional and positive manner, even when the process really started to deteriorate. She was the glue that held it all together. In every way, she went above and beyond what I could consider the industry standard. Deneise is definitely an asset, and I appreciate her efforts on behalf of our family! —Rice, 7/16/2013

Deneise was recommended to us from a family member. We relocated to Birmingham and she listened to our needs and desires. After searching for homes and looking at what the market had to offer, she suggested we look at building a home or buying new construction. We could make it our home and get exactly what we wanted. She found a lot and a great builder and we were very pleased with the construction and her knowledge. She did a great job for our family and we will highly recommend her. —Dauetrive, 2/20/2014

Deneise had been our REALTOR® on the last purchase. She was recommended to us by a business acquaintance. She was very professional, cooperative and friendly. The area we wanted to move to did not currently have homes on the market. She sent a letter to the neighborhood asking if anyone wanted to sell their home because she had a buyer. She called us and said that she found the home for us. We went over and fell in love with the home. Deneise works for her clients and puts them first. She is an agent that will go the extra mile. —Ponder, 2/3/2014

Deneise sent us a letter asking if we were interested in selling our home. We were getting ready to put it on the market. She said she had a client interested in the neighbor hood. We provided her with the information and gave her permission to show and sell our home. She brought her clients in and they wrote a contract. We sold our home and purchased the home that makes our family happy. She did a great job in providing us the construction knowledge and information on purchasing. She was friendly, knowledgeable and prompt. She goes over and above the call of duty. She sold out home to a lovely couple and we are very thankful. —Fancher, 2/5/2014

Deneise thanks so much for all of your help and finding me this wonderful house. She worked for me in searching for a home in the areas I specified. When we did not find what met my criteria she was willing to go out of the area to Cullman. We found the home that was a new construction home and it was perfect for me. She communicated and provided me with a wonderful experience on purchasing my first home. —Wilson, 3/11/2014

Deneise was recommended to me from a co-worker. She listened to my needs and provided me with the knowledge so that I could make the right decision. She helped me find the right home for me. She is a great agent and I had a great experience. She is now a wonderful friend. —Caldwell, 2/17/2014

Deneise was recommended to me by a friend and client of hers. She was helpful, friendly and personable. She communicated to me and provided the attention to the property to get it sold. —Chandler, 3/8/2014

Deneise is a neighbor and a great agent. She marketed and worked hard to sell a lot for us. She communicated with me and the purchaser making it a very successful closing. She works for her clients and builds relationships. My family appreciates and loves her as a friend. —Givhan, 4/15/2014

We called Deneise on a listing she had. It was not the right house for us but decided to work with Deneise as our buyers' agent. She worked countless hours and communicated with us during the entire process. She is committed to her clients and their needs and will do whatever it takes to find the right home. She cares for others and reaches out to help them. She made a wonderful difference in our lives. We are thankful for her. —Beckham, 9/26/2014

Deneise has always been a friend of the family. We had a special circumstance and needed to find the right home for a special person. She worked on searching to find the home after listening to our needs and desires. Not finding a home that would work for a paraplegic she said I think maybe you should build a home. She spent many hours looking for a builder and a lot that would work for our home. She found a lot and met with a builder that would provide us with the construction of the home. Deneise had the construction knowledge and the attitude of making it all happen. She cares for her clients needs and wants the best for them. —Reed, 12/14/2014

Deneise did a great job selling our house. You are very professional and a pleasure to work with. —Ponder, 10/1/2014

Deneise was recommended to me from a friend. She came out listed and sold our home in one day. She communicated with us throughout the entire process. We were concerned with the timing on the market but she assured us that our home would sell. Deneise assisted us with the purchase of our new home in which we love. She works hard for her clients and puts them first. —Morris, 2/20/2015

Deneise represented us in the purchase of our new home. She also listed and sold our home. She works hard for her clients needs and does everything she can to make sure they are satisfied. She was a great agent. —Hooda, 2/25/2015

Deneise was a great agent. We were first time home buyers and she provided us with a great experience. She listened to our desires and found the home for us. We are very happy with our decision as using her as our agent and on purchasing our home. We highly recommend using her as your agent. —Smith & Bird, 4/15/2015

We were so thankful for Deneise. She found us the home that best fit our needs. She did a great job and made it special we were able to bring our sweet baby home to her new house once she was born. She was very special and we were completely satisfied. She provides us with a peace of mind. —Bennett, 6/5/2015

Deneise did an excellent job selling my property. She was recommended by a friend. Her communication skills and her great attitude offered me peace of mind. She continued to work hard for me and demonstrated her wonderful knowledge in getting my property sold. She is one of the best agents who care for her clients and not just about the transaction. —Damron, 8/25/2015